It’s always amazes me the impact of one deep breath.  It’s such a simple action and yet the results can be profound.  Feeling overwhelmed by life one moment and deeply enjoying being alive the next.  JUST ONE DEEP BREATH …. the pause the refreshes!

Maybe you are not used to breathing deeply?  In that case, here is a short guide to taking one deep breath (follow along if you like):

  1. you can do this anywhere but until you are use to the feeling, best to make sure you are not driving, operating heavy machinery or doing anything else where a momentary surge of good feelings could interrupt your focus.
  2. NOW, breath through your nose and slowly (1-2 seconds) inflate your lungs with air. Feel your lungs expand until they are full.
  3. hold the breathe for about one second.
  4. relax all the muscles of the chest and abdomen …. let the breathe “fall” out of your body.
  5. take a moment to feel the oxygen (that you lungs just absorbed) move through you body as well as the release of tension from the exhale.
  6. enjoy!

“One deep breath” is one of my favorite tricks to feeling good.  For me it creates a little pause ….. a moment to feel alive and enjoy it.  The funny thing is, the moments when I need a pause the most (when we are stressed, tired, sad, uncertain …. etc) are often the times when it is the hardest to remember what to do.  This catch 22 was one of the inspirations for creating the re-mindful app …. a random reminder to breathe!

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  1. Jocelma April 10, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    I enjoyed imagining a deep breath of your rose! Thank You! I hope I will remember when those overwhelming days arrived.

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