Sometimes the most important self-care act is to rest one’s body and mind. Unfortunately most of us don’t have much opportunity to do this during the day. Taking a break from what you’re doing can help you stay motivated for a task and can give you the opportunity to step away from a project and come back with more creativity. Taking a pause from family and friends can also help you appreciate them more and maybe help them appreciate you more as well.

do something now

schedule into your day a 10-15 minutes pause, take a walk or lay in the sun, just make sure to put away the stress of the day for that time.

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  1. Charlotte September 1, 2012 at 12:59 am #

    Sounds easy enough but it is not when one is not in the habit.
    So now I will be mindful and try and do so daily as I need to to regain some balance

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