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It’s always amazes me the impact of one deep breath.  It’s such a simple action and yet the results can be profound.  Feeling overwhelmed by life one moment and deeply enjoying being alive the next.  JUST ONE DEEP BREATH …. the pause the refreshes! Maybe you are not used to breathing deeply?  In that case, […]

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right here right now!

Rambling though a grocery store the other day, I saw a fellow yogini who works there. I asked how her yoga was going; she hung her head saying she hadn’t been doing it much. I looked at her perhaps with a puzzled expression on my face. Here in front of me was this breathing moving […]

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doing what you dig (makes life better).

It’s just before dawn and the air is cold enough to that it hurts just a little to breathe. I can hear each ski: slide and crunch, slide and crunch as I slowly make my way upwards. I am here to do a simple thing that I love …. climb up a mountain and slide […]

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