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listening to what?

i love asking myself this question and then listening for responses… sometimes i listen for my heart beat…or my breathing… i delight in listening to vast space at night under the stars… and to birds singing as the dawn incrementally lightens our world… i suspect most, if not all, religious traditions advise listening. There’s the […]

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no time like the present

  Flowering: This is it! Here it is! Listen! Hear it? Spirit indwelling…swelling bud of wellness… perfect health and nurture…spirit indwelling… bursting bounds and flowering. By: Tomas Meyers

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doing what you dig (makes life better).

It’s just before dawn and the air is cold enough to that it hurts just a little to breathe. I can hear each ski: slide and crunch, slide and crunch as I slowly make my way upwards. I am here to do a simple thing that I love …. climb up a mountain and slide […]

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