what is mindfulness?

Jon Kabat-Zinn’s definition of mindfulness:

“Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.”

Thich Nhat Hanh describes mindful breathing in this way:

“Let us enjoy our breathing.
Breathing in–I feel I am alive.
Breathing out–I smile to life.
To Life…smiling to life”

Thanissaro Bhikkhu also writes about mindful breathing:

“What does it mean to be mindful of the breath? Something very simple: to keep the breath in mind. Keep remembering the breath each time you breathe in, each time you breathe out.”

re-mindful and mindfulness

The re-mindful project is dedicated to the idea of “mindfulness for everyone”.

Yoga, meditation and mindfulness are proving to be great ways to improve the quality of life but not everyone has the time or interest to use these tools. “Mindfulness for everyone” means finding ways to bring the benefits of mindfulness to everyone, everywhere. In our tech rich, modern lives …. mobile phone apps seemed like a good place to start.

“Mindfulness for everyone” also means calling attention to the mindfulness that we all naturally develop in our lives. Enjoying “the moment” is something we have all done without being taught how …. maybe as a child or in times of relaxation. To reap the health benefit of this natural mindfulness, maybe all that is needed is to recognize what we already do …. breathe, smile, love, feel the force, etc?

For me mindfulness is simply about feeling good! I know, if I take even just one deep breath, my day just got a lot better! Stressed, tired, distracted, over worked and a little freaked out about the state of the world ….. it’s easy to forget that little trick. Hopefully re-mindful can be a tool to help you and me remember …. a design solution for the pace of modern life!

Haj Khalsa
builder of re-mindful