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Haj Khalsa
Santa Fe, NM


about re-mindful: 

It started with a simple idea….a random reminder to smile!

The re-mindful app is designed to deliver a reminder, once-a-day at a random time. There are 10 mindfulness related reminders to choose from: smile, breathe, stretch, listen, pause, love, trust, give thanks, have fun and feel the force. Your random reminder could come at just the right moment…..a moment when you could use a pause in your busy day.

The app also encourages sharing these “mindful moments” via facebook, twitter and email. The web site will be a hub and forum to further explore the ideas in the app.

The inspiration for the re-mindful app came from Haj’s experiences as a stutterer. Part of his stuttering management is being aware of his speech and a random reminder can help with that.

The hope is that the app will be used as a “mindfulness tool for everyday life.” Mindfulness is traditionally described as being aware of what one is doing without judgement … “being in the moment”. It’s not hard to see that the world could use more people enjoying life one moment at a time.

Maybe the re-mindful app will help establish the space in our busy lives for a little mindful pause?


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the re-mindful mission: 

promoting, sharing and exploring the benefits of mindfulness for everyone.


guiding principles

have fun – Finding ways to make every day more fun, purposeful and engaging is a challenging and worthy pursuit.

connectedness leads to good behavior – We believe that connectedness reinforces the golden rule (do unto others as you would have them do to you).

randomness is interesting – Often, the most interesting events in life are the ones that happen by chance.

non-denominational – Re-mindful is not affiliated with any church, political group, spiritual group or the opposite of any of these.

tech is neutral – We recognize that there is a growing concern that technology unfettered may have a corrosive effect on our culture and our development as humans.  We hold that technology is a tool and the effect of that tool depends on who uses it and how it is used.

simple actions can have profound effects –  Smiling is contagious, then again, so is stress. At some point it all comes down to how we choose to spend our days.

share your smiles – Life is complex and at times downright scary but a smile can remind us of how lucky we are to be on this spinning blue marble.

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Haj’s bio:

Haj Khalsa is the founder of Random Apps of Kindness llc and the creative engine behind of the re-mindful app.

Life: Haj grew up in a Sikh household where yoga, mediation and mindfulness were a natural part of life. The cornerstone of his early years was to balance his distinctly ‘eastern’ home with the world at large.  As we all know, life can be both exciting and overwhelming, engaging and distracting.  Making sense of these contradictions seems to come down to finding a balance. Haj finds balance by pausing to enjoy one deep breathe.

School: Massachusets Collge of Art – BFA

Work: Haj has lived in Northern New Mexico since 1994.  Restoring 200 year old adobe buildings was a good start to life after art school and was a natural segway to becoming a a real estate broker in Santa Fe. With the change in the economy Haj was  drawn to follow new vocations.  His interest in design, mindfulness and the idea of a “start up” lead him to found Random Apps of Kindness and re-mindful.


personal message from re-mindful founder: Haj Khalsa

Stuttering is the inspiration for re-mindful:

Stuttering is a funny thing (on a good day anyway). One of the best ways to manage a stutter is to go into every situation with a bit of attitude. The attitude that works the best for me is: “I am a bad ass (read: expert) stutterer and if you can hold on just second, I will show you just how bad ass a stutterer I can be”. In short, go forth and stutter openly and with pride!

Of course an attitude like that can be tough to muster day after day. This is where the challenges of being a stutterer look a lot like the challenges of every other person. It’s our attitude towards life that can be so profound and yet so hard to remember to use.

Thus re-mindful was born. Enjoy!

Haj Khalsa



entire press packet (zip file)